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Our Mission

To increase agricultural productivity by providing agricultural equipment and mechanization extension services and access to funding in a professional manner.

Short Term Vision

Lead a novel indigenous Mechanization Industrialization process that ensures at least 30 - 40% local content inclusion in Mechanized equipment.

Long Term Vision

Coordinate an innovative agricultural land development & liberalize mechanization services that is available, accessible and affordable to all farmers ensuring 70% substitution of imported farm equipment with local, viable manufactured farm machinery.

Our Goals

To Implement specialized Mechanization Extension Scheme through the established and further to be established AEHEs, to optimize farmers yield per hectare and build local capacity for effective service delivery and mechanization products development.
The project also targets open contiguous agricultural lands for the purpose of promoting commercially driven agriculture to create jobs for the unemployed while creating a pool of skilled manpower and ensuring Local industrialization for the Mechanization sub-sector.
To implement a multi-stakeholder partnership program for the deployment, coordination and management of 10,000 units of tractors and various planting, harvest and postharvest equipment required to set-up 2,500 Agricultural Equipment Hiring Enterprises (AEHEs) across the 774 LGAs between 2020-2025 with a view to further expansion.
Create a platform for commercialization of all functional and durable locally fabricated farm machinery for local industrialization and human capital development.

Accept our warm welcome to the world of NAMEL.
Since inception, NAMEL has focused on the needs of farmers especially those in the rural areas who are responsible for the bulk of Nigeria’s agricultural produce.
Our philosophy of emphatic involvement in the lifestyle of our stakeholders has enriched our solution in creating landmark agribusiness projects. In other words, we create sustainable development solutions, design local models for effective results, and provide seed capital and syndicated financing support as well as professional project management backed by a highly experienced team of technocrats.
It is a wholesome tribute to the resilience of our stakeholders that we have together recorded outstanding results. Interestingly, our experience over the years shows that it takes team work to make dreams work.
Therefore, we constantly add value to our teams by exposing members to best practices and global training & capacity building programs.
The same umbrella of expertise and good will is extended to our varied clients and stakeholders resulting in an active / vibrant partnership in agribusiness I wish to assure all our stakeholders (Customers, Suppliers or Staff), of our total support always.
NAMEL will provide you the tools, technologies and processes for achieving desired success.
Please join us as we build the future that we desire!

Dr Ahmed Adekunle NAMEL CE

Dr Ahmed Adekunle (FNIAE, CF, PRMP)
Chief Executive

Meet The Team

The strength of the team is each individual member, and the strength of each member is the team

Technical Advisers

Engr. Elesa Bitrus

Team Lead Smart Model Farm SNR. Lead Advisor On MSP AEHE

Engr. Abok Yoohanna

Lead Engineer Mechanization Service Engineer

ALH. Danladi Garba

SNR. adviser on MSP & AEHE