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It is used for clearing fields, land leveling, opening ditches and fillings.

It is easily mountable with three-point linkage.

Angle and pitch of blade are also adjustable from tractor seat

Blade pitch is adjustable from 0 to 40 degree by the screw lever in reach of the tractor seat.

The blade can completely reverse for back filling.

For Access to awkward place it can be offset to either side.

An alternative hitch pin for the right and lower link allows the blade to the tilled for digging ditches or irrigation channels.



Soil retaining wings can be optionally fitted on both ends of the blade for carrying the soil without spillage

“Reversible Land Leveler” is ideal for levelling, filling, back fillings, farm-yard clearing etc.

Improved crop establishment by uniform spreading of water and fertilizer improves uniformity of crop maturity.

Reduces weed problems and time of complete task of irrigation.

Provision for usage in front as well as reverse direction ensures satisfactory front and back filling and leveling of the land.

Sharp edged hardened blades cuts weeds, clods, thrashes and uneven lands easily performing above expectations.