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Project Coordination Department Brief

The Project Coordination Department of the Nigeria Agricultural Mechanization and Equipment Leasing Company (NAMEL) is a principal place established to make sure company standards, procedures and practices are being followed to ensure projects are successfully designed, planned, implemented, monitored and evaluated.

    Roles and responsibilities of the department includes:
  • Prepare project proposals and develop project plan schedule and budget in conjunction with the Technical Team. Also perform cash flow analysis and process invoices in a prompt fashion.
  • Plan and coordinate project development activities in conjunction with the Technical Team on a demand driven basis.
  • Supervise the Technical Team on daily basis to execute assigned projects within deadlines and budget.
  • Perform customer negotiations together with Client relationship Unit, legal unit and the Technical Team for contractual terms and agreements.
  • Determine resource requirements and identify resources with right skills to successfully execute projects.
  • Identify various sources of potential risks and technical challenges and develop suitable mitigation plans.
  • Analyze and resolve project issues in timely and accurate manner.
  • Financial Budget preparation and assignment.
  • Conducts R and D when necessary in line with the company’s policy.