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Project Description

 Project Brief

The overall goal of the INALDS Scheme is to create a robust partnership project that takes away the 100% initial financial burden of “Land Clearing” from the Federal, State and Local governments, investors as well as the farmers using flexible deferred payment model while enhancing the needed capacity for small and medium-scale farmers to expand their areas under cultivation and increase their productivity.

INALDS is a private sector-led initiative of the Nigerian Agricultural Mechanization & Equipment Leasing Company(NAMEL)- and Mantrac Nigeria Limited (MNL) structured to leverage on public and private partnerships to open Agricultural Land using global best practices and flexible differed payment model.

Under INALDS, high quality Agricultural Land Development (“Land Clearing”) equipment are deployed for the land clearing chain operations ranging from tree mulching, tree felling, windrowing, de-stumping root picking to the creation of farm roads. The operations are carried out by highly trained equipment Operators and Technical Managers.

INALDS services are delivered timely taking into considerations the seasonality of Nigerian Agriculture and we provide further recommendations on soil fertility management system, land use optimization including irrigation services and access road.

INALDS builds on the on-going implementation of the Federal Government Enabled-Private Sector Driven Agricultural Mechanization Programme (PSDAMP) being coordinated by NAMEL.

INALDS is a complimentary service that ensures more Tractorable lands are developed to promote commercial Agriculture while carrying out de-stumping operations to enhance Smallholders and medium-scale farmers use of Mechanized equipment.

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Project Date:

November 27, 2019