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The Nigerian Agricultural Mechanization & Equipment Leasing Company (NAMEL) has taken a step further to embrace the 21st century technology by developing Agro-Machinery Data Tracking Centre (Agro-Mach DTC) to enable investors monitor their investments effortlessly.

The Agro-Mach DTC which is a data bank designed to keep track of all agricultural machineries deployed through NAMEL and helps to keep agricultural mechanization in check through a tap. It comprises of an information management system, Real time monitoring and map application, Business analysis and system management

Small scale service providers have shown a high level of default in microfinancing and land financing as operators do not remit the finances in due time. As a way of giving comfort to investors, monitoring the influx of finances and measuring the impact of agricultural mechanization in food production, the Digital Loan Repayment Monitoring System (Digi LOREMS) was developed under the Agro Mach DTC.

Digi LOREMS is a full system dedicated to tracking the flow of finances from the key line actors viz a viz Booking Agents, Agricultural Equipment Hiring Enterprise (AEHE) operators, Mechanization Service Providers (MSPs) and the financing bank.

The entirety of the system can do the following but not limited to:

  • Identify the location of any machine.
  • Give a real time update on the machinery activity as well as history playback.
  • Alert functions for Geofencing, fatigue and ideal time.
  • Determine the level of optimization of machineries in relation to its use.
  • Determine the density and intensity of mechanization in a given area.
  • Efficiently monitor financial transactions amongst AEHEs, MSPs and Booking agents.
  • Enhance data flow between NAMEL and its investors.

This service is a strict security criterion to ensure transparency and authenticity in order to maintain a comprehensive system.