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Legal Unit Brief

The legal department is a crucial arm of any organisation. The unit works to maintain and prevent any legal issues that may arise when dealing with clients or employees. It plays a critical role in reviewing and drafting contracts, employee policies, and handling court cases for the company.

Currently, the business environment is always evolving and guided by business laws and policies. Therefore, the legal department has to keep with the times and be dynamic as ever. The role of the legal team is no longer limited to managing the legal risk associated with the business operations of NAMEL, it covers a much wider scope. Effective legal counsel needs to partner with the business, understand its issues and produce viable and tangible solutions.

At NAMEL the legal unit understands the pressure points, strategy and objectives of the business and effectively communicates the risks and legal issues that may arise in dealings with clients and employees to management. This in-turn enables management to make informed strategic choices within an acceptable legal risk profile.