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Logistics Unit Brief

Logistics unit organizes the storage and distribution of the right Agro-machineries and other equipment and ensures they are delivered on time to the right location and at a good cost.

    The department also handles;
  • Transportation, stock control, warehousing, and monitoring of the flow of goods.
  • Stock levels management in warehouse, delivery times and transport costs.
  • Coordination and control of the order cycle.
  • Performance evaluation, quality and to plan improvements.
  • Allocation and management of resources according to changing needs.
  • Liaising and negotiate with customers and suppliers.
  • Analyzing logistical problems and producing new solutions.
  • E-commerce and supply strategies development.
  • Improvement and development of business performance within the constraints of legislation, fuel costs and rising environmental pressures.
  • Implementation of health and safety procedures
  • Vehicle routes planning
  • Routine maintenance on supplied equipment before deployment using specialized knowledge, such as mechanical-handling systems.