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Mechanization Services Unit Brief

This unit oversees the affairs of Mechanization Services Providers (MSPs) which includes cooperative farmers groups and farmers Associations who are the accredited operators of the Agricultural Equipment Hiring Enterprises (AEHEs) set up in demand driven locations where farmers can hire or lease any mechanize equipment for their farming operations which include but are not limited to land preparation, planting, Harvest & post-harvest operations.

    The unit oversees:
  • Identifying Agro-machinery vendors and technically reviewing their proposal to be in line with NAMEL`s laid down criterial for participation.
  • Filling and recording all application to serve as vendors of agro-machineries.
  • Profiling the MSPs and the AEHEs.
  • Providing technical advice on mechanization requirement.
  • Structuring the distribution of equipment into the AEHEs
  • Enhancing the synergy between MSPs and Vendors in the delivery of after-sales services