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SMART Farm Unit Brief

Digitization has an important effect on the agricultural sector for quite some time. This development can be described through the concept of smart farming. Smart farming in agriculture includes implementation of automatically controlled systems in agricultural machines, monitoring of the yields and various ways of seed drilling and fertilizer spreading. The right amount of seeds and fertilizers as well as adequate irrigation requirement can be determined based on soil and field data, weather history and yield data.

In addition, smart farming integrates agronomy, human resource management, personnel deployment, purchases, risk management, warehousing, logistics, maintenance, marketing and yield calculation into a single system.

    The unit manages the following;
  • Forward planning of farm activities.
  • Budgeting and maintaining accurate farm financial records.
  • Organizing farm equipment, crops and agricultural products.
  • Handling paperwork and keeping administrative records..
  • Recruiting, training/instructing and supervising farm workers.
  • Ensuring compliance with government regulations and health and safety standards.
  • Keeping an up-to-date knowledge of pests and diseases.
  • Ensuring that the farm is profitable and meets projected financial targets.
  • Organizing maintenance and repair of farm property, equipment and machinery.
  • Information dissemination to farmers, operators, and tractor mechanics on our productivity enhancement programme

Smart Farm unit oversees all aspects of running farms and other facilities that produce crops.