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Programme: Rural Agricultural Development Consortium (RAD-C) States Covered: 36 States Project duration: 2021 till date Target crops: Cassava, Maize, Cowpea, Wheat, Rice & Soy beans
RAD-C is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) designed to create a coordinating company that brings together recognized world class supply chain managers, service providers and Agro-input companies, agricultural mechanization, best practice extension applicators, farm management, logistics, marketing, crop insurance, agricultural finance, and farmers to a single platform for efficient crop production.

The Nigerian Agricultural Mechanization & Equipment Leasing Company (NAMEL) is the lead company for the formation and registration of RAD Consortium. The leading private sector players that have joined NAMEL in the consortium recognize that systematic development and farming of large acreage of land with the best available technology as proposed by RAD is a driver of strong agricultural growth in output and input markets. The RAD Consortium provides economies of scale for all members while ensuring rapid and inclusive growth in the largest sector of the country’s GDP, especially in the rural economy.

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February 3, 2022