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Youth Incubation Centre (YIC-Hubs) is a farm practical centre where youths are trained in Agribusiness with goal oriented, market oriented and business-oriented approaches. The youths will be exposed to state-of-the-earth agricultural technologies that guarantee high productivity, allocative, technical and cost efficiencies.

The youths will learn the principles of crop production, crop protection, agribusiness and farm management, climate smart agriculture, value chain management in agriculture, product processing and value addition, soil and land management, agricultural extension practices and integrated farming techniques with empirical evidences.

The target crops will be based on demand. The Incubation is expected to last for 24 months after which each of the youth graduate with a certificate. They will also be empowered with 40% of the profit realized at the incubation center for their Self Owned Production (SOP).

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Project Date:

November 10, 2019